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Emergency 2014 sees the metropolises of Germany and Europe become a disaster area. Meteors are striking across the globe!
To manage this catastrophe, you take command of paramedics, fire brigades, police and disaster relief. You will extinguish major fires, track down buried victims and save whole cities with their populations and landmarks. Develop your own strategy and master the situation at all times on free-play maps.

There are four new single player missions where meteorite strikes threaten the population.

It is 1890. Asteroid Caligula passes the Earth’s orbit, coming so close to the planet that fragments breaking off it (meteorites) impact the Earth. In this unique, historical mission, the player takes charge of historical units (such as a horse-drawn pumper) to get the situation back under control.
About 100 years later, Caligula is approaching the Earth again. Only this time, it is on a direct collision course with our blue planet. Once again, typical heralds appear in the form of meteorite impacts. The player, with his forces and vehicles, attempts to contain the local disasters and protect the civilians at three different locations, including the city of Pisa, in which the famous leaning tower was destroyed in a spectacular meteorite strike.


  • Emergency 2014: 23 tense rescue missions
  • New scenario: Meteor strikes in Germany and Europe!
  • FOUR new missions, including one bonus historical mission
  • Historical units such as horse-drawn pumpers