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Deep Silver announces Emergency 2013

New disaster missions for the well-known rescue game series.

Save lives and contain catastrophes with Emergency 2013, the action loaded installment in the fan favourite rescue strategy series.


In addition to the full content from Emergency 2012 Deluxe, in Emergency 2013 you can best a new campaign with four additional missions.


The eruption of a super-volcano in the middle of Europe threatens to bury everything below rivers of lava. The emergency forces must fight burning forests, toxic gases and enraged citizens to secure the emergency lava sink drills.


It is up to you to ensure everybody's safety! Emergency 2013 will be released as a downloadable campaign pack via digital distribution platforms (main game required), and as a retail edition complete with the new campaign and the contents of Emergency 2012 Deluxe.


Emergency 2013 will be released on November 9, 2012 exclusively for the PC.


More information about the game:


Emergency 2013 product page