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Emergency 2014: Meteor strike rescue

New mission pack announced for the rescue simulation

Saving lives is the core principle of the Emergency series. Quadriga Games and Deep Silver announce a new mission pack for the rescue simulation. Emergency 2014 has new content involving deadly meteor strikes.

Asteroid Caligula is on a collision course with Earth. Meteors strike the blue planet prior to the main impact. One of them reduces the leaning tower of Pisa to rubble. In three missions, the player must use rescue forces to regain control of the disaster areas. The new fire-fighting helicopter is a real help.

Another first is a bonus mission with a fire brigade from the past: 1890 sees Caligula pass the Earth, destroying a farmstead in the Rhine province of the German Empire. Given command of a horse-drawn pumper and historical fire fighters, the player must prevent the conflagration from spreading to the nearby towns.

Hobby rescuers also get a huge new operation area for free-play and multi-player games, likewise involving dangers from space. Emergency 2014 will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a box with the main game Emergency 2012 Deluxe and the additional missions from Emergency 2013. The box is being released on 15 November 2013, and will contain 23 missions and several free-play maps.

Owners of the previous games will be able to buy an upgrade pack as a download from digital distribution platforms for a good price (requires the main game Emergency 2012, 2012 Deluxe or Emergency 2013).

Emergency 2014 box edition features:

  • An exclusive EMERGENCY 2014 mini campaign, extending across four major missions
  • A brand new, huge operational area for free-play and multi-player games, based on the mini campaign scenario.
    • Historical horse-drawn pumper
    • Historical fire fighter
    • Fire-fighting helicopter
  • All missions, and free-play and multi-player maps from EMERGENCY 2012 DELUXE
  • All missions, and free-play and multi-player maps from EMERGENCY 2013